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I go on what is called Realtor Tour in my area frequently to learn inventory, quality and price.  Yesterday, I saw a home listed for $399,000 that had the quality of a home built in the $800,000 price range.  It is a recommended buy.  I can help you find these diamonds in the rough too.

I also saw a home priced at $1,000 a square foot.  It had 5,600 square feet of space so you do the math.  Yep, a home valued at $5,600,000.  Gulf Front and private with its own pool, bathhouse, cabana, mother-in-law suite, and two car garage.  It rents out for $246,000 a year in rental income.  Even at this price the carpeting needed to be replaced as you could tell where renters had spilled drinks, etc.  However, the home and location was spectacular.  It used to be owned by an Atlanta Braves pitcher.  Know anyone who can afford this luxury home? Mention my name and send them my way for a private tour of either.  The photo below was taken from the outdoor back deck around the pool.  The cabana belongs to this property and is wonderful for watching sunsets.


Private cabana for sunsets

Private cabana for sunsets

Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.

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Arkansas Realtor Found Dead

I never meet with strangers in vacant houses. Why? For this very reason. It is dangerous. I do full background checks on potential buyers before I meet with them or use other precautions like carrying mace with me and letting others know my whereabouts prior to showing a vacant property. I take a friend with me or a lender and never do Open Houses without others.

Trust your gut. If something feels wrong then it probably is wrong.

Never show a home to someone who cannot fully qualify for the purchase and prove that they qualify by providing you Proof of Cash Funds or a Preapproval Letter from a Local Lender.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Stay Alive.
Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.

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9 Wild Blueberry Way, Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459, USA – Virtual Tour

9 Wild Blueberry Way, Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459, USA – Virtual Tour.

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Hot in the South

Bird at Whales Tail

Even the birds are sweating

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Who would you prefer to drive?

As we approach one of the busiest holidays of the year and millions of families take to the road, who would you rather have driving your car? Why?

Safe travels to all. Happy 4th of July !


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July 4th Events at the Beach


There is plenty to do here at the beach on the 4th of July. From the Destin Harbor at Harborwalk Village to Baytowne Wharf’s celebration or Seaside to Rosemary Beach, FL. You can literally see fireworks in a 60 mile span over the Gulf of Mexico. Fireworks set off by the public is illegal in Florida and the waste leftover by law breaking citizens not only dirty the beauty of the beach (the very reason why you wanted to come in the first place) but also harms our sea turtles ability to easily lay their eggs and build their nests. Please go to one of the scheduled events that are free and very beautiful instead. You won’t be disappointed.

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How to Keep Your White Kitchen White

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