By the Numbers

I entitle this article by the Numbers and did you know…..

Did you know that 33% of all home buyers are primary home buyers?  This is actually down from the historical 40% of years gone by.

Did you know that the typical median home size bought in the US has 1,870 square feet of space?

Did you know that 79% of all home sales are detached single family homes?

Did you know that 88% of all home buyers bought with the help of an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Agent, or Certified Residential Specialist?

Did you know that 88% of all home purchases were mortgaged?

Did you know that 83% of respondents state that they would use the same Real Estate Agent again.

Did you know that the median age of the home buyer is age 44.

Is there anything else you want to know?  Just ask me.  I will look it up, research it for you, and provide you with top notch service.

Happy Friday all !

Kelly Klein

Oct 2013 Beach

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45 Central — Seaside, Florida

This week’s Happy Hour was at 45 Central in Seaside’s Circle.  It started at 4 and ended at 6.  Our group (although smaller this past week) got there a little bit before 4 p.m. and were greeted by Richard.  Richard honored an early order of wine for the group at happy hour prices even though it was slightly before 4 p.m.  The temperature inside was perfect as Debbie stated.  Just right.  Not too cold nor too hot inside.  They have a very pleasant atmosphere and Richard knew his wines and served with a smile.  The music they played was Spanish Guitar music and very pleasant for the evening.  Not so loud you could not hear across the table.  It was soothing and relaxing.

Richard recommended a blend for a bold and full bodied red.  It was called Red Blend Sterling.  It was very nice.  The wines all come in the appropriate wine glasses for the type of wine which was noticed.

They usually have free Wi-Fi, but last night it was not available.  They were having some Internet issues.

They have small plates anywhere from $6-$18 dollars.  We ordered the cheese platter which was very good.  However, we noticed that the serving size is smaller than it usually is at Chan’s Wine World in Watercolor.  The few figs on the plate were great.  Richard brought the blue cheese on a separate serving platter because only two of us enjoy blue cheese.  That would be Jimmy and I.  The cheese, nuts, and figs were brought out on pieces of slate.  Nice presentation, but also $14 for a small portion.

We also ordered and shared cheese straws (right out of the box), chicken salad sliders, and lobster sliders.  The sliders were very good.

At 6 p.m. they serve Paella.  It is made outside of the restaurant so that people listening to music in the Seaside Amphitheatre can get some to go.  It is made fresh.   It was very meaty.  It has sausage, shrimp, and mussels with yellow saffron rice.  We ordered and shared two plates of this at the table.  We wanted more rice and we were told that was not possible.  We were also told that Paella is all about the meat and not the rice.  We still all wanted more rice.  It was spicy and the serving size was small in our opinion for $11.

Don’t expect dessert at this wine bar.  They have none to choose from which was very disappointing for our sweet tooth Chuck.

They do not have a locals discount.  Christina took over for Richard later in the evening and also did a great job of keeping the checks separated and serving us, etc.  We would all go back.  Out the door last night was the most expensive Happy Hour Chris and I have had so far.  It was $102 out the door.  However, we would go back.  Nice atmosphere and nice wines.

45 Central HH

After Happy Hour we all ended up on the third floor at Debbie’s house.  We saw sunset over Western Lake on the way home and the moon from Debbie’s porch.  All in all a wonderful evening once again.  Next week, Chan’s Wine World in Watercolor.

Oh almost forgot……4.7 stars out of 5.  Cheers !  party0014

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Great Southern Cafe — Seaside Happy Hour

Great Southern Cafe Seaside

We went to Great Southern for our Wednesday Happy Hour this past week.  We gave it a 4.8 out of 5 stars.  We thought that the food that we ordered was good and the portion sizes were adequate for the dollar.  All drinks were 50% off no matter what you ordered between 4-6 p.m. which was also a plus.  Many times we find ourselves with only wine or beer choices, but Chuck stated that the Peach Bellini was delicious!  Happy Hour even included Long Island Ice Tea.

I tried different red wines and voted that the Pinot Nior was the best.  My chicken sandwich was a bit on the dry side, but went nicely with the coleslaw and mustard that was served with it.  The pork sandwich and sweet potato fries were a hit.

Our waitress was Cristina and she was fantastic !  We arrived 10 minutes early to get a seat because they get quite busy.  She took our order but held it for 10 minutes as to honor the happy hour prices.  She got everyone’s orders right the first time and was very attentive. There were no issues with splitting up the bills either.  She was a very good waitress!!!!

Chuck our sweetie, also had the Pralines and Pecan Cheesecake and said it was outstanding.

We all agreed this was a most successful outing and we would all go back.  Next week 45 Central will be our next stop.

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Happy Hour Week Three

Wed Aug 5 15

Happy Hour Week Three with this Grayt Group of folks……..

So we picked Wild Olives located in Rosemary Beach for our Wednesday Happy Hour this week.  They have happy hour from 3-6 daily.  The website used to say half off of all select beers and wines, but when we arrived it simply said select pricing during happy hour. Well, it ended up being $2 off of regular prices and if you have at least four glasses of wine (shared) then it may be cheaper to just buy a bottle of wine.  Keep an eye on that and your pocketbook too.  Parking can be difficult with limited spaces.  We all found parking nearby on this day.

Our waitress was Shayla and she was attentive and very nice.  She did a good job.  We arrived at 4 p.m.  There was absolutely no one in this restaurant at all until around 5:30 other than the group above.  That made us wonder…… We rate food quality and selection, drink quality and selection, and service when we go out.  This restaurant only got 2.5 stars out of 5 from our group.

There is no free WiFi in this restaurant and no ATT phone service.  Sprint worked from this location.  The appetizers started at $5 for a baguette and some oil dipping sauce.  Out of the three that were ordered at the table, one of them came out cold and was sent back.

The cheese platter is $22 during happy hour.  Not such a great deal.  This is not a full bar.   They serve only beer and wine.  The wine selection is good.

Bruschetta at Wild Olive

The above was listed as bruschetta on the menu and it cost $8.  It was not all that good and for the little bit you got, not worth the $8 fee.

Peppered Tuna at Wild Olive

The very small portion of the peppered ahi tuna shown above was also $8.  It was rubbery.

Others ordered the flat bread pizza which was the best deal of all of the appetizers at the table for the money.  The goat cheese was reported as delicious and the crab cake was good.

The women’s bathroom was really dirty and I don’t recommend going to it if you can avoid it.

Best to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors when the weather gets a little cooler with your dog.

Until our next review, have a great day! party0005

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Happy Hour with Grayt People

This is the beginning of my Happy Hour Blog with some really Grayt People.  We call them Grayt because well, first of all, they are and secondly they own in the Preserve at Grayton Beach a lovely community along the 30a corridor between Grayton and Blue Mt. Beach, FL.

Week one we went to Cuvee 30a.  This was a great happy hour with Chef Tim Creehan’s inspired Escargot for an appetizer or the flat bread pizzas that are simply lovely and light. Kyle was our server and he was excellent with splitting up bills with a large crowd and gave us top notch service too.  Their House wine were only $5 per glass and it was a Kendall Jackson Camelot Cabernet.  Very good.  Others had the pork belly over mashed potatoes and they were excellent as well.  The thin cake was to die for as Chuck stated.   My spouse and I got out of there for $89 and had a great time with friends.  You can find out more about this classy upscale happy hour location at  This location got 5 stars *****

Week Two we decided to go to Shades at the Loop.  It was dark inside and they sat us near the arcade.  We did not have any children with us.  The music was loud and not desirable. Their house wine was $5 a glass.  They were out of the Tuna Poke as an appetizer which is what I wanted.  We ordered the garlic Parmesan tator tots as an appetizer and if you order them ask for more Parmesan as it had very little and also ask that they double fry them.  My spouse and I shared a turkey burger which is always very good there.  It comes with fries but we got cole slaw on the side.  Others had the nachos which were good, but the salsa was not good.  The tuna dip was good, but a small portion.  The hummus was good.   Our waitress was Jessica and she was getting ready for her shift to end.  She told the table how drunk she was the night before and was looking forward to going home.  It was unprofessional.  The replacement Tabby was better.  Be careful because your gratuity is included with the bill with larger parties.  We got out of there for $67.  I give it three and one half stars. ***~  You can find out more about this location at


Until next week…….

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Why Don’t You Call Me?

Gesh, no wonder my business is up. I answer phone calls. I can’t even get listing agents to call me back when trying to make a showing appointment.

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Email Accounts

Being in Real Estate I found out a very long time ago that it is best to have only one email address from the very start.  This way if you change companies you are not constantly losing your clients because they no longer have your email address.  I have owned since 2007.  It has served me well.  Clients always know how to reach me.  Even if I were to work for someone other than myself, I would keep my email account.

Funny thing happened recently when I was trying to contact another Realtor© recently to show a property.  We have an email system for communication in the MLS.  So I emailed what she had in the Roster.  I got a kick back stating that I need to contact her at another email address so I did that next.  I got a message stating that the first email address I sent to was the correct one.  By now I have to call her because the cycle never ended.  Then I was told on the phone that her best email address was her first name followed by the @ sign and then her first and last name dot com.  Well this is how my emails are (see above).  Easy enough.  So I sent her an email to what she had instructed me to do and it got kicked back again stating that I had to use another email address.  By now I am laughing so hard I can hardly control it.  So I picked up the phone again to inform her that she probably need some technical assistance in solving the puzzle of her multiple email accounts because obviously she was losing business when no one could get a hold of her.  She said she would make it a priority.  To this day I do not know if I can email her or not.

Point of the story is use only one email address for communication if you can.  This should also be applied to your phone numbers.  Have only one.  Don’t make customers try to find you and figure it out.  Keep the stress out of reaching you and a goal of good solid communication.

Warmly yours,

Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.



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