Alaqua, A No Kill Shelter

One of my passions is helping at Alaqua Animal Refuge owned by locals Laurie and Taylor Hood.  I have been assisting walking dogs on a weekly basis since 2006.  I carve out Tuesday mornings to help in a busy real estate calendar.   Alaqua is located in Freeport, FL which is a fast and growing area north of the Choctawachtee Bay in Walton County.

I love dogs!!  I guess I have always loved dogs ever since spending summers on my grandparents farm.  Grandma always had several dogs running around the farm.  One dog was named Smokey and I thought he could talk.  My Grandma would get the farm truck going down the dusty road at a good clip and would start saying “I love you” to the dog.  Not long after the trip started, Smokey would sound like he was saying “I love you”.  I was amazed and fell in love with dogs on that day.  

Now older, I have had 10 dogs in my life and for as much as I love them, they can also rip your heart apart.  This happened to me two years ago in 2016 when I lost two of my dogs in a short amount of time.  My heart was broken.  However, I am again a two dog owner.  They fill a void in my life.  When I need a hug, I hug them.  It automatically makes me feel better.  If I need a walk, I walk them.  They encourage me daily to be a better person.  They teach me more about love and appreciation than any human could.

If you find time to visit the Alaqua website, I would encourage you to do so and read some of the amazing stories of rescues that this organization does.  If you want to get involved, hit the Volunteer button.  They could always use more help.  If you want to donate, please do.  A $25 donation pays for food for one dog per month.  A load of hay for the horses cost $600 per load.  It is not cheap to care for these animals, so your help is appreciated.  If you are looking to adopt an animal, this is the great place to start your search.

My sweet dogs are below and were both adopted.  Adopted pets are the best.  They will be loyal to you for life.  Thank you.  Kelly

Dolly and Libby

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3 easy ways to transform a yard into an outdoor oasis

Source: 3 easy ways to transform a yard into an outdoor oasis

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Public Outrage WINS for Florida Beaches

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Scott Takes Executive Action to Protect Access to Beaches

Governor Rick Scott today issued Executive Order 18-202, which urges Florida counties to protect public beach access and directs the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to support these efforts. The executive order specifically calls on counties to not limit access to beaches. In March, Governor Scott signed HB 631, sponsored by Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples) and Representative Katie Edwards-Walpole (D-Sunrise), which passed the Florida Legislature with an overwhelming, bipartisan majority.

“Florida is home to the world’s best beaches, and every Floridian and visitor has the right to fully enjoy our state’s natural resources. Florida beaches belong to all of us, and people from across the world visit Florida because of them – and we are going to keep it that way,” said Governor Scott.

“Last session, HB631 was passed with overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans,” Scott continued. “Unfortunately, the legislation has now created considerable confusion and some have even interpreted it as restricting beach access. I’m committed to keeping our beaches open to the public and this executive order makes this commitment clear. Today, I am ordering the Department of Environmental Protection to do everything in their power to advocate to keep our beaches open and public.”

“Also, I am putting a moratorium on any new state regulation that could inhibit public beach access and also urging local government officials to take similar steps to protect Floridians’ access to the beach.”

Government’s job is to help solve problems, and in Florida, when there is an issue or confusion surrounding legislation, we take action to address it. Florida is the most beautiful state in the nation. We have hundreds of miles of pristine coastline and we are known for having the best beaches across the world. We absolutely cannot do anything that changes that.”

The new Executive Order takes the following action to protect public beach access:

1. The Governor’s executive order imposes a moratorium on executive state agencies adopting any rule or restriction to inhibit the public’s access to Florida’s beaches, unless there is a clear risk to public safety;

2. The Governor directs the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to serve as an advocate for the public’s right to public beach access. This includes establishing an online reporting tool so Floridians with concerns about beach access can provide input. DEP will compile this input and submit a report to the Florida Legislature and the Governor before the next legislative session. DEP will also serve as a liaison to local governments to ensure the public’s right to access the beach is protected;

3. The Governor urges all local government entities to not adopt any rule or ordinance that would restrict or eliminate the public’s access to Florida’s beaches. He is calling on every county in Florida to not take any action that limits access to beaches

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Garbage and Private Beach Owners

Okay, it just got worse.  Now the private beach owners do not want anyone including the County Garbage Pickup Officers to drive over their dry sand to pick up the garbage from the trash cans left there by thousands of visitors a year.  There were 72,000 bags of garbage collected from the beach in 2017.  Imagine a beach without garbage pick up.

Walton County used to be a tourist hot spot, but now because of a few private beach front owners with their demands now getting out of control, no one will ever want to come back here.

This is why I am offering an alternative to our location.  I work in Panama City Beach as well and these beach wars are not going on there.  The prices are better and Pier Park is a wonderful location for shopping, movies, ,and entertainment.  There are still some very good prices without the beach hassles of Walton County to be found.  In fact Panama City Beach encourages beach use with 99 public beach access areas.

Follow me to Panama City Beach with welcoming arms.  Walton County has major issues, lawsuits flying, and the housing market will soon see prices dropping.  Don’t think this will affect home prices in Walton County?  Think again.  No one will want to be there.

You can help Walton County by signing this petition and voting for the right people to serve the County!  Repeal HB 631

Kelly Klein —KellyKleinSoldMine





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Underwater Museum Now Open

First Underwater Museum is now open in Grayton Beach, FL 32459.

Learn more at at link below.

Underwater Museum

Located in Walton, County Florida, this museum sits in 60 feet of water and is .7 of a mile out in the Gulf of Mexico.  Certified Divers can reach the site by reserving a spot on the Fish Booty Charters.

Mama and Baby Dolphin

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Credit scores: It’s more than simply qualifying for a loan

Source: Credit scores: It’s more than simply qualifying for a loan

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Freddie Mac offers Appraisal Waivers

Freddie Mac to nix full appraisals for some condo loans

MCLEAN, Va. – June 29, 2018 – Freddie Mac announced that consumers buying a condo or refinancing an existing condo mortgage may now be eligible for its automated appraisal waiver.

Originally launched in 2017 for single-family home loans, Freddie’s automated collateral evaluation (ACE) appraisal waiver allows eligible condo borrowers to save money if the lender decides that a traditional appraisal isn’t needed. Freddie says that could save buyers approximately $500 in fees and allow them to close 7-10 days faster.

“We continue to see the share of condo loans we purchase increase, especially among first-time homebuyers,” says David Lowman, executive vice president of Freddie Mac’s Single-Family business. “ACE for condos will help increase the efficiency of the mortgage origination process, offer greater certainty, and help save our clients, and their customers, time and money.”

ACE assesses the need for a traditional appraisal by “leveraging proprietary models and using data from multiple listing services (MLSs) and public records as well as a wealth of historical home values to determine collateral risks,” according to Freddie Mac.

To find out if a condominium property is eligible for an ACE waiver, lenders must submit loan data through Loan Product Advisor, Freddie Mac’s automated underwriting system. If ACE determines that the estimated value or purchase price of the condo is acceptable, the lender may receive immediate representation and warranty relief related to the value, condition and marketability of the property upon delivery of the loan to Freddie Mac.

However, lenders and borrowers always have the choice to either proceed with an ACE appraisal waiver or obtain a traditional appraisal.

ACE for condominium purchases and refinances will be available after July 16, 2018.

More information about Loan Advisor Suite is available online.

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