Tornado Preparedness



The recent tornado outbreak has affected a lot of lives.  People in the hardest hit states are still in a search and rescue plan.  Power outages and homes and business have been destroyed.   May and June are normally the peak months for tornadoes.  This most recent activity may very well exceed the 1974 outbreak when we had 148 tornadoes with 300 lives lost in a 13 state wide path.

Tornado Facts are below:

Average number of tornadoes per year (1950–2004): 910

State with highest number of tornadoes per year (1950–1994): Texas (avg. 125)

Top 5 states with highest incidence of tornadoes (average per year, 1950–2004): Texas (134), Oklahoma (58), Kansas (56), Florida (51), Nebraska (43)

States with lowest incidence of tornadoes (total number, 1950–2004): Alaska (2), Rhode Island (9), Hawaii (31), Vermont (37), Oregon (87)

Most tornadoes in one month: 543 (May 2003)

Most tornado deaths in one year: 519 (1953)

Fewest tornado deaths in one year: 15 (1986)

Can you prepare for a tornado?  You must have a plan in place ahead of time.  Tornadoes can come up suddenly.  Unlike a hurricane warning where I live.  If a hurricane is approaching, I have a week to get out of the way of it and go to a safe place with my pets.  A tornado leaves you with only seconds. 

Make sure you know where you will go when a tornado warning is sounded. An interior room with no windows is safest if you do not have a basement to seek shelter in.  If you have a blanket to hide under, use it.  Protect yourself from flying debris.  Make sure you hold on to your pets too.

If you are driving and cannot make it to a safe secure building, then open space is best.  Lie flat and cover your head.  Stay as low as you can and do not go under a tree or bridge.  These can collapse on you.

During tornado season have water, canned goods, prescriptions, and pet supplies set aside in a safe area.  Also, make sure you have a record of all of your important telephone numbers like credit card companies and insurance agents.

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