Yellow Flies

In Florida in the months of May and June, we see a great number of yellow flies.  Why am I writing about this today?  Because in just two days, I have been biten twice.  Yes, biten.  It is hot and sunny here during these months so I take shelter in the shade.  That is exactly where they hang out.   They love the shade too.  Little did I know.  They also love forests, rivers, and creeks.  I live by the State Forest and by numberous coastal dune lakes.  No wonder I am getting biten.

Not only that, but they love humans.  They are actually attracted to our scent and love the bite the head, neck and shoulder areas.  Although I got biten both times on the knees.

So what can I do?  I found that I am supposed to buy a beach ball.  Okay, quit laughing.  Yes a beach ball and then go to the local Ace Hardware where I can buy Tangle Trap.  This is a spray.  I am to paint the beach ball black and then spray it with Tangle Trap and hang it on a tree nearby.  They are attracted to this and get stuck on it and die.  It helps to reduce the adult population and thus keeps them away from me.

Who knew?  Oh…. the things I find out living here in Florida.

After you get biten by one of these pesky flies you get to go to the kitchen and mix this up and put it on the sting.

1 tsp. baking soda
1/3 cup ammonia (Windex is mostly ammonia)
1/3 tsp. papain (meat tenderizer)
1 crushed aspirin
Mix thoroughly and store in refrigerator (be sure to label container). When needed, shake well and apply with cotton swab, and rub briskly.

Good thing is that their life cycle is about over.  Thank goodness.

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