Accept Credit Card Payments on your Mobile Phone

Has technology gone too far or would you feel comfortable?  There is a scanner that plugs into your mobile phone and mobile application that allows you to accept credit card payments for merchandise using your mobile phone. 

Do you hold your own Escrow Accounts?  You can actually accept a credit card payment via a mobile phone for say $5,000 earnest money deposit for a home.  How do you feel about this?  Would you be comfortable using this technology?  Would your customers like it?  Is this the wave of the future?  Will all business begin doing this?

I am mostly concerned about this type of technology being used by the wrong parties and security breaches.  Can you imagine your credit card being charged via mobile users and then taking off with your balances for unwanted purchases?  I don’t know, maybe I am getting to be a little old fashioned about how I like to do business.  My level of trust on the Internet and using electronical means for everything frightens me.  If codes can be created or applications can be created, they can equally be figured out by evil people to reverse it.

What’s your feeling on all of this new technology?  I am eager to hear from you.

Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.

Lic. Real Estate Broker

About Kelly Klein

Buyers and Listing specialist. Whether it is a condo, a home, a townhome, a duplex, or a lot, I am here to help. You can find me at Broker Associate / Sales Professional Berkshire Hathaway Home Services | Pen Fed Realty
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