I’ve lost my MOJO

I have lost my MOJO.  Not in real estate, but volunteerism.  I have been a student and champion of my chosen field since 2003.  I have fully dedicated myself to helping others, volunteering for projects, special events, fund raising, you name it.  I am just tired.  I can’t remember how many times I have had to rearrange a client appointment just to make time for a meeting or other event.  Well, my 2012 business plan has cut way back on these moments in my business that are not making me any money.  I find that many don’t even appreciate all that you have given or even know what you have done.  So look out 2012, I am fully a REALTOR again 100% of everyday.  It feels so liberting.  There will be another time in my life when I feel an urge to help again, but 2012 is for me.

Afterall, it doesn’t take much to become an officer of a club, organization, or even your local board when no one else wants the job and the candidates run unopposed.  These organizations are in need of the 20% of Realtors who do 80% of the work.  They willl welcome anyone although I would like to think that I did somehow in my own small way do a good job in all of my roles and contributed to the betterment of my profession.  I applaude those that will give up their business for this goal in 2012.  However, for me it is all about getting back to basics and my business.

Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.  850-420-2480


About Kelly Klein

Buyers and Listing specialist. Whether it is a condo, a home, a townhome, a duplex, or a lot, I am here to help. You can find me at http://www.KellyKleinSoldMine.com Broker Associate / Sales Professional Berkshire Hathaway Home Services | Pen Fed Realty
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