Walton County and Sandwich Advertising Signs

I went to the Walton County Chamber Public Hearing about Sandwich Boards and it was very interesting to say the least.
It was suggested that where there are multiple commercial businesses that only 3 sandwich boards could be placed every 150′.  If the multiple commercial business was less than 150″ in total then one would be allowed per business.  This was approved by the Commissioners, but who will enforce it will be another matter.
Mary Nielson spoke when the public was allowed up and stated that in Seacrest Beach where she lives the signs are actually on county right-of-way areas and not on HOA common grounds.  She said it would be the responsibility of Code Enforcement to enforce these signs.  She saw it as a waste of county tax dollars because Code Enforcement has no clue what is County Owned or not.  J.C. Adcock spoke from the County and stated that it is true the County does not have any surveys and they basically just go by boundary markers and make judgment calls.  This was very interesting to me.
Mr. Hudson spoke about a sandwich type board directing people to St. Rita’s church off of Moll Drive.  They are actually looking into a variance for a more permanent sign to be erected that would be placed on county land.  Mark Davis the County Attorney suggested that the recommendation be that churches be exempt.
Cindy Meadows stated that the white directional signs that were taken down was by order of the DOT.  The County is looking into more consistent signage as directional to replace the white ones taken down and to look into having these on County Owned Land.
The measure was approved for the sandwich signs but with the stipulation that they would be controlled to business hours only.  I don’t see this in my notes, but I believe it was from 8 to 7 p.m. daily.  The board approved this measure and I do believe that you can request a copy of the “official” language and ruling.  I was writing notes as quickly as possible and could barely keep up.  Another alternative to the sandwich board sign rules is for the HOA to take control and place their own rules and regulations for enforcement in place per complex.  This would take a board initiative to be added to our Rules and Regulations.

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