Happy Hour Week Three

Wed Aug 5 15

Happy Hour Week Three with this Grayt Group of folks……..

So we picked Wild Olives located in Rosemary Beach for our Wednesday Happy Hour this week.  They have happy hour from 3-6 daily.  The website used to say half off of all select beers and wines, but when we arrived it simply said select pricing during happy hour. Well, it ended up being $2 off of regular prices and if you have at least four glasses of wine (shared) then it may be cheaper to just buy a bottle of wine.  Keep an eye on that and your pocketbook too.  Parking can be difficult with limited spaces.  We all found parking nearby on this day.

Our waitress was Shayla and she was attentive and very nice.  She did a good job.  We arrived at 4 p.m.  There was absolutely no one in this restaurant at all until around 5:30 other than the group above.  That made us wonder…… We rate food quality and selection, drink quality and selection, and service when we go out.  This restaurant only got 2.5 stars out of 5 from our group.

There is no free WiFi in this restaurant and no ATT phone service.  Sprint worked from this location.  The appetizers started at $5 for a baguette and some oil dipping sauce.  Out of the three that were ordered at the table, one of them came out cold and was sent back.

The cheese platter is $22 during happy hour.  Not such a great deal.  This is not a full bar.   They serve only beer and wine.  The wine selection is good.

Bruschetta at Wild Olive

The above was listed as bruschetta on the menu and it cost $8.  It was not all that good and for the little bit you got, not worth the $8 fee.

Peppered Tuna at Wild Olive

The very small portion of the peppered ahi tuna shown above was also $8.  It was rubbery.

Others ordered the flat bread pizza which was the best deal of all of the appetizers at the table for the money.  The goat cheese was reported as delicious and the crab cake was good.

The women’s bathroom was really dirty and I don’t recommend going to it if you can avoid it.

Best to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors when the weather gets a little cooler with your dog.

Until our next review, have a great day! party0005

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