45 Central — Seaside, Florida

This week’s Happy Hour was at 45 Central in Seaside’s Circle.  It started at 4 and ended at 6.  Our group (although smaller this past week) got there a little bit before 4 p.m. and were greeted by Richard.  Richard honored an early order of wine for the group at happy hour prices even though it was slightly before 4 p.m.  The temperature inside was perfect as Debbie stated.  Just right.  Not too cold nor too hot inside.  They have a very pleasant atmosphere and Richard knew his wines and served with a smile.  The music they played was Spanish Guitar music and very pleasant for the evening.  Not so loud you could not hear across the table.  It was soothing and relaxing.

Richard recommended a blend for a bold and full bodied red.  It was called Red Blend Sterling.  It was very nice.  The wines all come in the appropriate wine glasses for the type of wine which was noticed.

They usually have free Wi-Fi, but last night it was not available.  They were having some Internet issues.

They have small plates anywhere from $6-$18 dollars.  We ordered the cheese platter which was very good.  However, we noticed that the serving size is smaller than it usually is at Chan’s Wine World in Watercolor.  The few figs on the plate were great.  Richard brought the blue cheese on a separate serving platter because only two of us enjoy blue cheese.  That would be Jimmy and I.  The cheese, nuts, and figs were brought out on pieces of slate.  Nice presentation, but also $14 for a small portion.

We also ordered and shared cheese straws (right out of the box), chicken salad sliders, and lobster sliders.  The sliders were very good.

At 6 p.m. they serve Paella.  It is made outside of the restaurant so that people listening to music in the Seaside Amphitheatre can get some to go.  It is made fresh.   It was very meaty.  It has sausage, shrimp, and mussels with yellow saffron rice.  We ordered and shared two plates of this at the table.  We wanted more rice and we were told that was not possible.  We were also told that Paella is all about the meat and not the rice.  We still all wanted more rice.  It was spicy and the serving size was small in our opinion for $11.

Don’t expect dessert at this wine bar.  They have none to choose from which was very disappointing for our sweet tooth Chuck.

They do not have a locals discount.  Christina took over for Richard later in the evening and also did a great job of keeping the checks separated and serving us, etc.  We would all go back.  Out the door last night was the most expensive Happy Hour Chris and I have had so far.  It was $102 out the door.  However, we would go back.  Nice atmosphere and nice wines.

45 Central HH

After Happy Hour we all ended up on the third floor at Debbie’s house.  We saw sunset over Western Lake on the way home and the moon from Debbie’s porch.  All in all a wonderful evening once again.  Next week, Chan’s Wine World in Watercolor.

Oh almost forgot……4.7 stars out of 5.  Cheers !  party0014

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