Alaqua, A No Kill Shelter

One of my passions is helping at Alaqua Animal Refuge owned by locals Laurie and Taylor Hood.  I have been assisting walking dogs on a weekly basis since 2006.  I carve out Tuesday mornings to help in a busy real estate calendar.   Alaqua is located in Freeport, FL which is a fast and growing area north of the Choctawachtee Bay in Walton County.

I love dogs!!  I guess I have always loved dogs ever since spending summers on my grandparents farm.  Grandma always had several dogs running around the farm.  One dog was named Smokey and I thought he could talk.  My Grandma would get the farm truck going down the dusty road at a good clip and would start saying “I love you” to the dog.  Not long after the trip started, Smokey would sound like he was saying “I love you”.  I was amazed and fell in love with dogs on that day.  

Now older, I have had 10 dogs in my life and for as much as I love them, they can also rip your heart apart.  This happened to me two years ago in 2016 when I lost two of my dogs in a short amount of time.  My heart was broken.  However, I am again a two dog owner.  They fill a void in my life.  When I need a hug, I hug them.  It automatically makes me feel better.  If I need a walk, I walk them.  They encourage me daily to be a better person.  They teach me more about love and appreciation than any human could.

If you find time to visit the Alaqua website, I would encourage you to do so and read some of the amazing stories of rescues that this organization does.  If you want to get involved, hit the Volunteer button.  They could always use more help.  If you want to donate, please do.  A $25 donation pays for food for one dog per month.  A load of hay for the horses cost $600 per load.  It is not cheap to care for these animals, so your help is appreciated.  If you are looking to adopt an animal, this is the great place to start your search.

My sweet dogs are below and were both adopted.  Adopted pets are the best.  They will be loyal to you for life.  Thank you.  Kelly

Dolly and Libby

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