Walton County July Sales Statistics

Living and working in Walton County, FL I like to keep up on the sales statistics.  Statistics on their own can be painfully difficult to read, so I will try to make this painless.

Total number of sales in July 2018 were down -15.8% over July 2017 sales figures.  Many things can come into play with this number.  One are rising mortgage rates and two being that Rick Scott signed HB 631 declaring the beaches private instead of public.  It was a horrible mistake on his part and sales in Walton County are declining where this fight is the biggest.  Over 7,000 affidavits have already been collected.  I know I will not be voting for Rick Scott.   His ideas are dangerous and have nothing to do with what is right for all, but for himself and others.  His decisions are prompted by greed, his own.

Sorry for the rant above, but this is having an affect on sales in Walton County.  Our Median Sales Price is $347,000.  This is up 9.1% over same period last year, but only because inventory is low.  I predict a reversal of this trend within the next year.  We currently have 6.8 months worth of inventory to sell.

Typically the month of August means less sales than the month of July looking over the historical pattern.  It typically does not pick up again until the month of November and December when tax advisers tell their clients to sell something before the end of the year.

Let me know if you would like to know a sales pattern for your community, county, or area.  I would be happy to provide such a report.  Thank you.  Kelly


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