How to Use your Cash Wisely for Exterior Projects

Often times I get questions on what a seller can do to help with the sale of the home.  A lot of times this comes down to exterior improvements.  Here are some cash investments that you may want to consider when you are selling your home.

Landscape Maintenance is Number 1.  You will get 100% recovered on exterior landscape maintenance.  If you cannot get a buyer in the door, then you may have lost that buyer.  It is important to have an attractive entrance bringing the buyer into the home.

Tree Care is Number 2.  You will get a 100% return on money spent in this area.  It is important to have your trees healthy and trimmed.  Make sure trees are not touching the house and make sure that your palm trees are trimmed back.

Irrigation System is Number 3.  You have to have water to keep your plants in your yard healthy, especially here in Florida.  You will recover 86% of your expenses.

Overall Landscape Upgrades is Number 4.  You will get approximately 83% recovered costs in this category.  This would cover additional landscaping additions to your yard.

New Wood Deck is Number 5.  You will only recover 80% of your expenses in the area of a new wood deck.

Outdoor Kitchen is Number 6.  Outdoor Kitchens are very popular.  Gatherings in Florida are often times around the outdoor kitchen area.  They will bring you a 71% return on your money.

New Patio is Number 7.  You will only recover 69% of your costs in the area of a new patio.

Landscaping Lighting is Number 8.  Look for only a 69% recovery in costs in this area.  Lighting today is expensive.

Fire Pit or Fire Feature is Number 9.  Who doesn’t love to sit around a fire.  However, you will only recover 67% of your expenses.

New Pool is Number 10.  Don’t expect a lot of return on your new pool.  You will spend approximately $57,000 and only recover around $25,000 on any appraisal.  The recovery is only about 43%.

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